About the Pauline E. McLeod Foundation


Pauline E. McCleod

As per our constitution

The objects for which the Company is established, as a public benevolent institution, is to improve the quality of life and create positive outcomes for First Nations Communities , and, for that purpose, to: 

  1. invest in projects and programs designed to support and uplift First Nations Communities;
  2. develop markets and economic opportunities for First Nations Communities to sell products and services;
  3. work closely with First Nations Persons who are considered elders connected to First Nations Communities to assist those First Nations Communities to achieve economic sustainability;
  4. provide First Nations Communities opportunities to develop ethical and high quality businesses to achieve self-sufficiency and become market leaders;
  5. raise funds and seek donations of goods and services from the public and volunteers to support the overall objects of the Company; and
  6. do all things that are incidental or ancillary to the attainment of the above objects.

Specific Areas of Focus

Education, social welfare, technology support and mental health are our initial areas of focus but this will be determined on need and opportunity as the capability develops and as projects are identified with our partners that meet our objectives.

Our customer based value proposition is to exceed expectations and to build long term relationships based on professional service, integrity and genuine value for money.


Nallawilli management and employees are motivated by shared values and a broad social responsibility, but they are also incentivised through profit share schemes designed to ensure that they are rewarded appropriately for their efforts. Whilst competitive, this structure is designed to strike a balance that optimises the long-term interests of our business development and value creation whilst fully supporting the ongoing objectives that we are seeking to achieve through the  PEM  Foundation.


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