About the Pauline E. McLeod Foundation

Vision and Apporach

Pauline E. McCleod

Our Vision

An Australia where First Nation people are genuinely recognised as being equal in all respects and where they can realistically achieve the same wellbeing, educational and career opportunities as other Australian people.


To be achieved by promoting reconciliation and equality as core principles of who we are and by recognising the painful memories of history as lessons for us  to move forward together with a spirit of positive change and mutual respect.

Our vision is underpinned by various strategic priority areas as follows:

Support First Nation people and communities by providing commercial, personal and cultural support in all aspects of their lives, directly and indirectly, and by representing and advocating their interests wherever possible;

Develop First Nation people and communities to achieve real self-determination through engagement and enhanced capability with education and career development opportunities

Support First Nation people and communities by helping them achieve improved levels of physical and mental health, wellbeing and quality of life.

Mission and Approach

​ Roderick leads by example and seeks to encourage First Nation people to persist with their Traditional Culture and education as well as to have healthier lifestyles and achieve greater self determination. He is a strong advocate for the rights and education of children, who are the heartbeat of our next generation

  • Culture as central to First Nation individuals
  • Community health and wellbeing.
  • First Nation leadership and self-determination
  • Partnership and Collaboration with like-minded people and organisations
  • Accountability, transparency and responsibility